Accessibility Commitment Statement

Studio 504 is committed to ensuring our website is accessible to as many visitors as possible independently of their ability or technology. We want all site visitors to feel welcome and find shopping on rewarding. We are dedicated to meeting and improving accessibility needs in the most effective and appropriate way, and in order to do so, our site is in the process of implementing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0, Level AA criteria.

Website features that meet accessibility guidelines

Studio 504 strives to make flawless online experiences for all and relies on industry-leading accessibility vendors like Level Access to continuously improve upon these. Some of the steps taken include:

  1. Identifying areas of improvement to ensure the latest accessibility standards set by the guidelines.
  2. Making sure images and digital content are fully accessible through alternative text, captions, and transcripts.
  3. Structured content in an adaptable way.
  4. Making content easy to see and/or hear including using contrasting colors.

Despite our efforts to adhere to standards for site accessibility, we regret to inform you that we cannot currently offer audio content with full transcripts or video captions.

However, we are currently working with website accessibility experts to rectify this issue by implementing this and expect to have this complete by August, 2023.

Third-Party Content links to third-party sites including social media channels or other websites. Unfortunately, we are unable to control accessibility issues with these third-party vendors. If you encounter any difficulties accessing these third parties, please reach out to them directly.

Below  are the publicly available accessibility guides of some of the third-party sites we use:

Meta Accessibility

Google Accessibility

TikTok Accessibility

Feedback and suggestions

If you have difficulty accessing our site, or if you’d like to provide us with suggestions to make more accessible, please reach out:

Whatsapp: +1-646-671-2790 or +34-66-246-0467